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7 Strategies to Sell More Books (Every Self-Published Author Needs To Know)

Imagine if Krispy Kreme introduced a new and amazingly flavoured donut.

But didn’t tell anyone about it.

You went into the shop, browsed the menu, and went ahead and ordered your favourite flavour, the one you always buy. You had no idea that triple-chocolate-pecan-caramel-with-sprinkles flavour even existed. It’s not that you didn’t want to try it…

donut….you just didn’t know it was there.

It’s the same with your book.

You may make the mistake of thinking it’s enough just to have your book listed and for sale on Amazon. But unless you put in some effort to promote it, no one will know it’s there.

So how do you go about marketing your book?

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The Top 5 Inexpensive Things Authors Can Do to Sell More Self-Published Books…

1. Set up a blog

These days you can start a blog for free with

Commit some time each day to write posts on your blog. People who find your blog can interact with you and others through your blog comments system and you can quickly build a following this way.

Alternatively you can start a blog on a domain name (your name or a book name of yours) and host it on a web hosting service like Godaddy, Bluehost or any reliable hosting service. This option is preferable as you own the domain and site, and are not just using somebody else’s platform, as you would if you used

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