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    What Our Clients Think: In Their Own Words

    Don’t take it from us, listen to our clients! Every day, my wife Caroline and I have the pleasure of working with a vibrant global community of authors and we’re thrilled to receive your inspiring feedback. You’ll find 100 of our favorites below…  

    “They were very patient, timely and the final result was fantastic.” – Clare Hawken.
    “This book cover has given my book the best chance to succeed.” – Simon Kettlewell.
    “I felt Peter based his design specifically around my needs” ⁠— Deanna Rutledge.
    “They really took the time to communicate. It put me at ease” – Erin Shacory.
    “They got exactly what I needed,I highly recommend them” – Nick Thornicroft.
    “It’s almost as if you’re corresponding with a friend” – Charlotte Crawford.
    “They were patient with me and changes were done instantly” – Mitchell Hockenbury.
    “They wouldn’t finish until everyone was happy” – Margaretha Javits.
    “Peter was really clear about the process, timings and cost.” – Nic D’Alessandro.
    “They will keep designing until you’re happy for no extra cost.” – Janice Edwards.
    “Sales went up dramatically.” – Steve Wilkens.
    “The cover paid for itself within a month or two.” – William Porter.
    “Professional, talented, creative, with integrity. All the things you would want.” – Nadine Kampen.
    Samuel J. McConnell

    “Peter made a complicated process into a straight-forward and enjoyable one”
    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting him to capture the heart of my book the first time, but he did just that. He designed a beautiful cover for me and I would honestly have to give it a 10 out of 10.”

    Samuel J. McConnell (@SamuelJMcConnel), Author of ‘Journey Into Righteousness’ – Northern Ireland

    Michael Milford 2

    “Boy was I impressed!”
    I approached Peter recently to design a book cover for my novel ‘A Question of Will’. He designed an amazing cover which blew me away and was very prompt to reply to any of my questions and queries. Thank you very much Peter for doing an amazing job.”

    Michael Milford, Author of ‘A Question of Will’ – Australia

    Mark Collard

    “The number one attractive part of his service is the unlimited changes”
    I want to thank Peter and Bespoke Book Covers for designing a stunning front cover for my latest book Serious Fun. This is my fourth book in a series of books, but I think the number one attractive part of his service is the unlimited changes. Is that there was no limit, there was questioning, no argument, if I needed something to be changed it was done and turned around very quickly. I cannot say that was the experience in my first three books. Thank you so much Peter

    Mark Collard (@markcollard), Author of ‘Serious Fun’ – Australia


    “It’s risk-free, you get unlimited tweaks if you need them”
    I really would recommend using Peter’s service. I know I buy a lot of books based on their covers so it’s really important I think to get the process right. And the response and service that he gives is absolutely excellent.”

    Paul Teague (@secretbunkerfan) Author of ‘The Secret Bunker’ – United Kingdom

    Karen Hockney

    “You managed to interpret exactly what I was looking for”
    I didn’t even know what I was looking for until I saw the design you sent through. You didn’t have much to go on, a very sketchy drawing from me, a couple of colours and that was it. And you were very quick to react to any changes that I needed. For all those reasons I would heartily recommend you.”

    Karen Hockney (@Franglaise), Author of ‘Breathing Out’ – France


    Linda Morrow

    “The time, effort and dedication was truly commendable”
    It’s one thing to make a promise on a website, but for it to be followed through with such diligence is truly a sign of a committed human being, who takes great pride in his work. As a client working from the other side of the world (Australia) I found it did not limit or restrict your personalised service and I was highly delighted with the outcome provided from your base in the U.K. Your enthusiasm, uniqueness and workmanship is exceptional. I will certainly be using your services again.

    Linda Morrow, Author of ‘Bitter Sweet Encounters’ – Australia

    garry halliday

    “He guarantees you’ll be 100% happy”
    Peter is a master book cover designer. I spent about a month before deciding to go with Peter and I am glad that I did. Peters ability to understand the heart of my book, and to translate that understanding into a world-class book cover is absolutely brilliant. His work speaks for itself. If you are truly serious about your book have Peter design your book cover for you.”

    Garry Halliday, Author of ‘Re-Doing You’ – Kentucky, United States

    Ty Strange

    “The unlimited changes and always being there supporting you is truly a bonus” Cover design is one of the areas you should not skimp on. Peter embraced the project and came up with some great ideas. If you want to stand out among the crowd of books out there. If you want something that really attracts the reader. Kudos to Peter.”

    Ty Strange, Author of ‘The Hunt for Wolf Eyes’ – United States

    Karin Atala

    “He was patient with changes and helped me with technicalities that puzzled me”
    I gave him my ideas and he created a striking book cover. This is my first book and I sure am glad that I found Peter to help me with the cover.I recommend Peter for a fabulous cover and plan to use his skills in the future.”

    Karin Atala, Author of ‘The Woman Who Knew Nietzsche’ – Germany

    Nigel Plane

    “The cover has added a whole knew sense of satisfaction and pride to my work”
    You seemed to know exactly what I was looking for with the cover artwork and hopefully it will help in getting my book noticed. I would definitely recommend you to any new authors publishing for the first time.”

    Nigel Plane, Author of ‘The Golden Goddess’ – United Kingdom

    david bettge

    “Thanks for giving my book a great looking face”
    I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for the excellent job you did on my book cover. You did everything that you said you would do and I certainly appreciate it. I certainly do look forward to working with you some time in the near future.”

    David Bettge, Author of ’53 Teen Tips’ – United States

    Ian Warner 1

    “When I received my final book cover I was just amazed. I was blown back”
    Working with BespokeBookCovers has been a very easy process. I was lying in bed when I got the email and I just stared at it for about 30 minutes straight. Working with Peter was a very easy process. There was only one small minor detail and that got changed within the hour. I was very happy with the final product.”

    Ian Warner, Author of ‘Endure’ – United States

    Spencer scoular1

    “Peter captured the very essence of a very abstract topic in a wonderful cover”
    He was very efficient, creative, responsive and patient. I plan to use him again and I highly recommend him to others.”

    Spencer Scoular, Author of ‘Beyond The Mathematical Paradigm of Science’ – New Zealand

    Kaye Caradoc

    “When I discovered him to design my book cover I was very worried”
    I didn’t know whether he would be able to help me. He was so understanding and really took notice of everything I asked. I found Peter to be amazingly helpful. He was incredibly caring and helpful right through the process until we had achieved what we set out to do.”

    Kaye Caradoc, Author of ‘Don’t Be Shy, Nurse’ – United Kingdom


    “When he says he keeps working until you’re 100% satisfied – you can believe it”
    I want to say that peter did such a wonderful job on my cover. I am a perfectionist and Peter kept working and working until I had the design just the way I wanted it. When you choose Peter as your cover designer you can be confident that you are going to get a beautiful professionally designed cover that will be sure to help you sell books.”

    Sherrhonda Denice (@sherrhondad), Author of ‘Strong Girls’ – United States

    Tim Houge

    “He knew I was new at this and was quick responding to my emails”
    He was always very polite and patient. In addition when I received my first cover it was exactly what I envisioned it would be, even though I didn’t have any idea what I wanted for a cover. I couldn’t be happier.”

    Timothy Houge, Author of ‘Tim’s Tutorin’ Phonics’ – United States

    Evelyn Marshall

    “Peter was as good as his word regarding price and time to nail my idea”
    He delivered a gifted book cover that sticks in the memory, that’s exactly what we want. I recommend Peter to every writer out there.”

    Evelyn Marshall (@EvelynMarshall), Author of ‘Concerning Georgia Stekker’ – US

    Clare Price

    “He listens to what you say, he translates your vision into reality”
    And he makes a book cover that’s exceptional. I looked at dozens of book covers before I found Bespoke. And once I found Peter’s designs I was incredibly impressed. I feel my book cover is just heads and tails above the rest of the books in the market.”

    Clare Price (@clarestweets), Author of ‘Web of Betrayal’ – California, United States


    Joanne Verger

    “He made the experience so exciting I’ll always go back for his incredible work” This was my first time and he knew what I wanted, but he made it far more beautiful than I had envisioned. I like his quick turnaround communication style. He is so professional.”

    Joanne Verger (@SenatorVerger), Author of ‘Moonlight on the Pond’ – United States

    warren blank

    “Dealing with him was extremely easy”
    Peter gave me a date at which he expected to finish my book – which he met. We had email discussions back and forth he made my suggested changes almost instantaneously. He ended up producing an outstanding cover, which communicates the content of the book in art. I’m extremely pleased with the work he did for me and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a very high-quality design for the cover of their book.”

    Warren Bell (@wbellauthor), Author of ‘Asphalt and Blood’ – United States

    scott kovarik

    “Thank you so much for an incredible design for my book”
    I was extremely pleased. Number one, the quality of the design, the creative element of the design on par or better than any of the examples I saw on your website. The price was reasonable, the turn-around, the timeframe, the commitment, you fulfilled all your promises. You were able to come up with a design that really nailed it, so again extremely happy.”

    Scott Kovarik (@scottkovarik), Author of ‘Prophecy of the Seven Bottles’ – United States

    Daley James Francis

    “I just wanted to say it was absolutely amazing working with you”
    ‘Walking Up a Slide’ was the book cover that I requested. I couldn’t be happier with it. It completely took me by surprise and blew me away at the same time. I’m really looking forward to getting it out there and hopefully it will all work out. Thank you very much again and I will definitely be using you again in the future and recommending you to anyone else I know looking to take the plunge.”

    Daley James Francis (@DaleyJFrancis), Author of ‘Walking Up a Slide’ – United Kingdom

    khali gallman

    “He incorporated my ideas and was very patient with me concerning minor edits”
    I am completely satisfied with my book cover services from Peter. He incorporated my ideas and was very patient with his creativity and was very patient with me concerning minor edits.Thank you Peter for your assistance.”

    Khali Gallman, Author of ‘Good on Paper’ – United States

    Erik Nelson

    “You can definitely tell that he wants to make sure his clients are satisfied with the final product”
    My name is Erik Nelson, author of the Somnagent series. He has really done an incredible job. The new cover is absolutely amazing. I am so thrilled with it, with the detail and how fast he was able to come up with such an intricate design. But also I am more excited to work with him for the fact that he is really flexible and very passionate about what he does. You can definitely tell that he wants to make sure his clients are satisfied with the final product. He is really in tune to what you are looking for. He really wants to know what your end-game is. His artistry really reflects what goes into the book and I would absolutely recommend him.”

    Erik Nelson (@eanelsonator), Author of ‘The Shadows and the Innocence’ – United States

    Simon speight

    You’re always happy to incorporate any alterations I wanted”
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you on my book cover. Very easy and straight-forward. And I ended up with a superb cover design. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future”

    Simon Speight, Author of ‘Bacchus and Sanderson Deceased’ – United Kingdom

    Katie Torpey

    “The outcome was an amazing cover”
    Hi my name is Katie Torpey and I’m a film-maker and an author. I worked with Peter on the cover of my book ‘Just Breathe’ and he did an amazing job. Not only was he great to work with, but he was able to execute what I was thinking and I just explained it to him my concepts and he put his own take on it, and the outcome was an amazing cover. I would work with Peter again and highly recommend him. He’s professional, he’s great and he’s super-talented.”

    Katie Torpey (@katietorpey), Author of ‘Just Breathe’ – United States

    judy bishop

    “Out of the designers he was the only one who continued to follow up with me”
    He has been nothing but professional and easy to work with. He had obviously
    had listened to what I said. I was very impressed. You want someone you can reply
    on so I would highly recommend him”

    Judy Bishop – Author of ‘Red Line’ – United States

    Dennis Calloway

    “He was able to capture my vision and produce a powerful and impactful story with the a single image of the cover”
    This is my first opportunity to work with Peter on a book cover and it certainly won’t be the last. Peter did an exceptional job on the cover for my first book Return to Earth. Thanks so much Peter for your help.”

    Dennis Calloway (@DLCalloway121), Author of ‘Return to Earth’ – United States

    Ed Cobleigh

    “The first cover he made was the final version. No changes required whatsoever. I couldn’t recommend this service more”
    Peter totally nailed the cover for my book. I gave him a synopsis of the book, he took that. I gave him some elements that I thought would be important on the cover, he took that. And the first cover he came with, was the final version. No changes required whatsoever. I couldn’t recommend this service more. I look forward to increased sales of my book from what Peter did with the cover. The book is called ‘The Pilot – A Novel of Fighter Planes and Paris’

    Ed Cobleigh, Author of ‘The Pilot’ – Paso Robles, California, United States

    Scott Slavesen

    “Peter gave me a concept that absolutely blew me away”
    When I contacted Peter to do the cover of my book ‘Shepherd of Fire: Invasion’ I already had an idea in my mind of what it would look like. Peter took that idea and gave me a concept that absolutely blew me away. He worked with on multiple drafts until we were both satisfied with the final result. I would recommend Peter to anyone looking for a book cover artist.”

    Scott Salvesen, Author of ‘Shepherd of Fire’ – United States

    Jacob Carlisle

    “I changed my mind half way through, but you bore with me and are very patient”
    Hello Peter and Caroline this is Patrick McDermott speaking to you from Australia. You have just completed a cover design for my debut novel ‘Small Fish Big Fish’. Your customer service, your communication skills are excellent. And we ended up with something that I am personally delighted with and I think its going to work really well.”

    Patrick McDermott (Jacob Carisle) author of ‘Small Fish, Big Fish – Australia

    Andy Clark

    “They came back with a cover which blew our socks off. It was far better than we had expected”
    We spent 13 long months writing our novel – a brilliant story. A brilliant story deserves a great book cover. They came back with a cover which blew our socks off. It was far better than we had expected.”

    Andy Clark – Author of ‘The Time Store’ – United Kingdom

    Kelly Batten

    “I kept coming back to them because of the unlimited changes, the quality of their work, and other authors’ praise”
    As a first time author, I didn’t know what to expect on my self-publishing journey, and of the cover designers I’d found I kept coming back to BespokeBookCovers because of the unlimited changes, as I didn’t want to be saddled with extra costs to achieve what I wanted. Peter was able to figure out what I wanted from the ideas I gave him and gave me a cover that was more than I could ever have imagined for myself. Now I have the most beautiful cover binding the pages of my book.”

    Kelly Batten (@KellyBatten_1), Author of ‘One Day You’ll Find Me’ – United States

    Luke Tan

    “I really love how the cover turned out. It really brings the content of my book to life”
    Hi Peter and Caroline, I would really like to thank you for the work you put into my book ‘Awake and Alive’ I really love how the cover turned out. It really brings the content of my book to life. I look forward to working you again when I release my next book, Thanks again.”

    Luke Tan, Author of ‘Awake and Alive’ – Australia

    Amanda Edwards

    “Being in Australia I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t work long distance. But this actually worked quite well as Peter was working on my cover while I slept on the other side of the world”
    Peter has been absolutely fabulous to work with. This is my first book so I didn’t really know what I was doing. He took my brief and came up with a great cover straight away. He worked with my tight deadlines and gave me helpful tips and hints on how to go about it. I am very happy with the result and am really pleased to able to recommend Bespoke Book Covers.”

    Amanda Edwards (@EquineCC), Author of ‘First Response’ – Australia

    Nicholas Jones

    “From first to last the whole process has been most agreeable”
    I just received my new cover from Peter. I have to say I am very very pleased with it. He is a talented artist. Caroline takes careful note of the details you send and the instructions you give. And I wholeheartedly recommend Peter’s and Caroline’s service”

    Nicholas Jones (@songcarrier), author of ‘Mistrustful Minds’ – United Kingdom

    Kay Rennie

    “Peter’s customer service was excellent and he continues to be supportive now the job is done. What more could you ask”
    Before a book has a cover it’s not really a book, it’s a manuscript, so every writer looks forward to a good visual representation of their story. I’m very glad I chose Peter to design the cover for my novel ‘Triton’s Deep’. The result is quite spectacular.”

    Kay H Rennie (@kayrennie), Author of ‘Triton’s Deep’ – Australia

    Iain Cameron

    “The two books I have already published on Amazon have each done extremely well”
    I found Peter very easy to work with and he happily reworks a cover design again and again until I am satisfied. The two books I have already published on Amazon have each done extremely well, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence they both have professional-looking covers that matches or even succeeds those produced by established publishing houses. Well done Peter.”

    Iain Cameron, author of ‘One Last Lesson’ and ‘Driving into Darkness’ – United Kingdom

    Linda jayne

    “I was immediately impressed with his prompt and professional response to my inquiry”
    I wanted a fabulous book cover for my novel so began to research online for the best book cover designer. I found Peter, and I liked his website so I contacted Peter. I was immediately impressed with his prompt and professional response to my inquiry and of his many examples of great covers he had designed. He walked me through what the process would entail including the time schedule for completion of the cover and he met that schedule. Best of all he designed the fabulous book cover that I wanted. In fact he nailed it on the first try. I love my book cover and will use Peter again for my next book. I highly and unconditionally recommend him for any author who wants the best book cover possible.”

    Linda Jayne, author of ‘The Privacy Act’ – United States

    Andy Bailey

    “He really added value by creating a truly original design that I thought was inspired”
    Peter gave me a first-class service throughout the process of designing the cover for my book ‘Martin Dash’. He has been unfailingly helpful at all times, but most of all he really added value by creating a truly original design that I thought was inspired. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter for the design of your book and I will be back for my next one.”

    Andy Bailey, author of ‘Martin Dash’ – United Kingdom

    Kurt Dowdle

    “The process was simple and straight-forward and the cover itself is superb”
    I had an excellent experience working with Peter. The process was simple and straight-forward and the cover itself is superb. A number of people have referred to it as a work of art, and I couldn’t be happier”

    Kurt B. Dowdle, author of ‘Trumpet of the Dead’ – United States

    Peter Dudgeon

    “Peter totally captured the feeling and the tone of my book”
    The service I received was phenomenal. When I first saw the cover for ‘Chance’ I felt like Peter knew the book even better than I did. Fantastic. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

    Peter Dudgeon (@pdudgeonnovels), author of ‘Chance’ – United Kingdom

    Del Hall

    “He was so easy to work with, he responded quickly to all of our questions and emails”
    We are super-pleased with the cover that Peter designed for our new book ‘Testimonies of God’s Love’. We couldn’t be more happy. The fact that he is willing to continue to make changes on this cover for the life of the book is just unheard of in the cover design business. I would highly recommend Peter for any of your cover design needs and it seems like he can design for pretty much any genre.”

    Del Hall IV, author of ‘Testimonies of God’s Love’ – United States

    Lee French

    “He turned it around into something that is gorgeous, that I am ecstatically happy with”
    I came to Peter with no idea what I wanted on my cover, just some words to barf out, that didn’t make an image in my head. He turned it around into something that is gorgeous, that I am ecstatically happy with – it only needed a few tweaks, and those tweaks took him less than two hours to make. And I just couldn’t be happier with the cover tat I got.”

    Lee French, author of ‘Girls Can’t Be Knights’ – United States

    Mark Heath

    “He encapsulated the feel of the book completely and I was thrilled with the result”
    Peter asked for the synopsis of my book, and I provided a rudimentary sketch of the proposed image. Working with just those two ingredients Peter wove his magic and produced an outstanding cover at his first attempt. I will be returning to Peter for all my covers and I have nothing but praise for his brilliant service.”

    Mark Heath, author of ‘The Fragile Fall at Tallow Bridge’ – United Kingdom

    Deborah Rohan

    “He had designed the most beautiful book cover I could have hoped for”
    I’m not exaggerating. Once I saw his design I wanted zero revisions. I immediately shared it with other people and the responses have been unanimously “that is amazing”. It was absolutely perfect. I was actually shocked he could get inside my head through the bit of information I emailed him. I also ordered a graphics package of postcards, Facebook, Twitter, bookmarks. Every one of those took the same theme and put it in a different format. He did it quickly, he was patient and friendly. Honestly I don’t know when I’ve worked with someone where the process was so seamless, positive, and fast. I know I will use him in the future.”

    Deborah Rohan, author of ‘One Person Acted’ – United States


    “They came up with fantastic ideas. Nothing was too much trouble”
    I can’t speak highly enough of them and their service. They were great fun to work with and came up with some great designs without me really having to do anything. I provided them with a small amount of material and an idea of what my book was about. They came up with fantastic ideas. Nothing was too much trouble. Loads of alterations on my part, even at the last minute even after I said I was completely finished. They were brilliant. And of course it is incredible value too, so I am very, very happy.”

    Stuart Maskell, author of ‘The Girl with the Thousand-Yard Stare’ – United Kingdom


    “Peter has done an outstanding job.”
    His thoroughness and attention to detail is second to none. Along with his patience and understanding that these things don’t get finalised the first time. He has been so supportive and generous with regards to the demanding changes I have requested over the last twelve months. I would highly recommend him to any author looking for a great cover.

    Ritchie Gibson, author of ‘Be You, Be Great’ – Brisbane, Australia

    Helen bell

    “Peter created a beautiful atmospheric cover that perfectly captures the mood of the book”
    Peter has created a beautiful atmospheric cover for Shadowless that perfectly captures the mood of the book. I’ll definitely be coming back to Bespoke Book Covers for the rest of the series.”

    Helen Bell, author of ‘Shadowless’ and ‘Restoring the Light’ – United Kingdom

    “For me a good cover design makes all the difference and is vital if you want to get your book noticed”
    I just received my cover design back from Bespoke Book Covers and I have to say I am really pleased with it. It looks fantastic, it’s very professional and it conveys the information I wanted it to. So I highly recommend Bespoke Book Covers and I will certainly be using them again for my next book.”

    Mick Deal, author of ‘The Rainbow Soldier’ – United Kingdom

    Steve Rouse

    “I couldn’t believe how incredible it looked”
    When I found the BespokeBookCovers site I was impressed with what I had seen. And after talking with Peter and getting something set up and seeing what he had done I was impressed. By the time I got my book cover from Peter I was thrilled. And I gotta say fast service, incredibly professional. I would recommend Peter to anybody out there who is looking for an incredible cover.”

    Steve Rouse, author of ‘Father of Interest’ – United States

    Sherry Christie

    “To top it all off he and Caroline are super-easy to work with”
    As a US-based author I was initially impressed by Peter’s online portfolio of book covers, and marvelled that he is able to create them so affordably. When I submitted a cover request for my own novel of ‘Roma Amor’ it was with some concern whether he would be able to capture the murky currents beneath a young Romans desire for glory. Peters visual solution totally blew me away. He captured it perfectly. I highly recommend them to any other author”

    Sherry Christie, author of ‘Roma Amor’ – United States

    Jeff Striker

    “You will be extremely satisfied with the results!”
    Peter and Caroline have been fantastic to work with! As a new author I didn’t know exactly what type of design I wanted, but they knew what questions to ask in order to get the feel I wanted, and the cover turned out great! With more novels in the series forthcoming, I will definitely be working with them again! If you are on the fence about working with any cover designers, give a Bespoke Book Covers a try. ”
    Jeff Striker (@striker_jeff), author of ‘The Last Recruit’ – United States

    Roger Summers

    “He made it a breeze”
    I am far, far across The Pond and deep, deep into Texas but working with Peter on my book cover was like having him in the office next door. I sent him a few notes on what I was looking for and almost by return e-mail he designed a cover that is right on target. Think he must have been reading my mind.”
    Roger Summers (@rogersummers32), author of ‘The Ladies in the Pink Hats’ – United States

    AR Merrydew

    “If you are considering a cover for your latest work then look no further.”
    ‘I am pleased to say that everything Peter promises on his website is true. He has delivered exactly what we have asked for without exception. Peter’s creative skill’s, his patience and professionalism will be hard if not impossible to beat.’
    A.R Merrydew, author of ‘Our Blue Orange’ – United Kingdom

    Jeff Cooper

    “I appreciate your timely responses, the classic simplicity of your designs and your openness to direction”
    As a new author, the biggest challenge is getting eyes on your book. You provided me with an attention grabbing design that perfectly captures the feeling and spirit of my material. This was exactly what I wanted. I appreciate that you made sure of that.”
    Jeff A. Cooper, author of ‘How to Steal a Truck Full of Nickels’ – United States

    David Videcette

    “Made the whole process smooth and simple – a joy to work with”
    Peter was excellent at interpreting our ideas and making them work. We made lots of amendments to arrive at the finished product and he didn’t complain once when we kept changing our minds! He also gave lots of valuable additional advice from the benefit of his experience about websites and platforms. This is one book cover designer that really knows his stuff.”
    David Videcette (@DavidVidecette) , author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’ – United Kingdom

    Lisa Taylor

    “I really couldn’t recommend Peter highly enough to anyone about to embark on this process”
    I have to give a huge thank-you to Peter. After many consultations and the goalposts being moved by me on several occasions, Peter took my vision, added his own artistic eye and experience, and managed to produce a wonderful design.”
    Lisa Taylor, author of ‘Awakening Sorrows’ – United Kingdom

    Bourbon Kid

    “He nailed the cover for The Red Mohawk at the first attempt and exceeded my expectations”
    Peter was a joy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
    PS – My readers love the design. It has almost 450 Facebook likes already after one day –
    I will definitely come to you again in future for any covers I need.
    Bourbon Kid (@bourbonkid), International Best-Selling Horror author of ‘The Red Mohawk’ – United Kingdom

    Stanton Swafford

    “Working with Peter has been a pleasure”
    I could not be any happier with the book cover that Peter designed for my novel CHINA SEA. Great job. His prompt responses to my questions have been supportive. Now writing my second novel in the series. I look forward to working again with Peter and Bespoke Book Covers.
    Stanton Swafford, author of ‘China Sea’ – United States

    “Peter’s creative skill’s, his patience and professionalism will be hard if not impossible to beat”
    “I am pleased to say that everything Peter promises on his website is true. He has delivered exactly what we have asked for without exception. If you are considering a cover for your latest work then look no further.”
    A.R. Merrydew, author of ‘Our Blue Orange’ – United Kingdom

    Andrew Leong

    “Do not hesitate to work with Peter and Caroline, because your book deserves to look its best”
    “When you write your book it’s your heart and soul in words. That makes your book cover your heart and soul in images. There are two things that you need when wanting a book cover: firstly, an expert designer and secondly a slick business process. Bespoke Book Covers excel at both of these key factors. I had no idea what I wanted my book cover to look like, but I told Peter and Caroline about my book and what was produced was perfect first time. I absolutely love my book cover and cannot stop staring at it. The business process from start to finish was first class with Caroline’s fantastic customer service.”
    Andrew Leong, author of ‘Business Hacks’ – United Kingdom

    Rob Kauffman

    “Creative, imaginative and extremely prompt”
    An author’s job is tough… a book cover designer’s job – just as tough. Creating a visual concept that attracts readers while depicting a plot is a daunting task, but Peter accomplished both with my book “One Last Lie”. Creative, imaginative and extremely prompt, Peter is a professional in every sense of the word. I can’t wait to get him started on my next novel cover!”

    Rob Kaufman, Author of ‘One Last Lie’ – United States

    Christen Civiletto

    “I’ve worked with other cover designers and I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a satisfying experience”
    I highly recommend Bespoke Book Covers’ services. Peter’s ability to quickly grasp the essential aspects of a book–and then translate those concepts into an eye-catching cover–is remarkable. He listens. He thinks about the best way to present a concept. And then he delivers a professional product using the best technology and know-how. On top of that, he is reliable and his work is error-free. I’ve worked with other cover designers and I can honestly say that I’ve never had such a satisfying experience. Unquestionably, I will use Peter for my next book in the Green City series.””

    Christen Civiletto (@greencitynovels), author of ‘Green City Savior’ – United States

    Rebecca Sharp

    “The whole process was made much easier by Peter’s friendly and informative guidance”
    ‘I am absolutely delighted with my book cover and as an absolute publishing novice, the whole process was made much easier by Peter’s friendly and informative guidance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke Book Covers to anybody, in fact, I am already in the process of writing my second book and will be using Peter again.”

    R. L Sharp – Author of ‘Cameron Mytum’s Wings’ – United Kingdom


    “If I am fortunate enough to write another book, my book cover will be designed by Peter”
    Peter is a true professional. Six months after my final book cover design was completed, I asked Peter to send me the cover in a different digital format. Within twenty four hours Peter sent me the file. If I am fortunate enough to write another book, my book cover will be designed by Peter.”

    Jagdish Patel, Author of ‘The Shattered Dream’ – Las Vegas

    Peter Mansel

    “He was really flexible and creative and ready to make any changes that I wanted”
    I’d spent a lot of time refining my novel but had no cover for it and decided to approach as I knew that it wouldn’t be complete without a good quality cover. Peter provided me with examples of other covers that he’d done and asked for any ideas that I already had so that these could be incorporated into the design. He was really flexible and creative and ready to make any changes that I wanted. I am really happy with the result and I would certainly use bespoke again on my next project.”

    Peter Mansel, Author of ‘North Coast’ – United Kingdom

    Julie Busby

    “He always responded in a timely manner, and made as many changes necessary until I was completely satisfied”
    I was extremely pleased with the work Peter did for my cover. He brought my vision together perfectly. He was easily accessible, always responded in a timely manner, and made as many changes necessary until I was completely satisfied. I have already recommended him to another writer and will use him again for my next book.”

    Julie Busby, Author of ‘Running with Tears’ – United States

    Katherine Edgar

    “Peter was a pleasure to work with and his cover was striking, sophisticated and perfectly captured the mood of the book”
    I am delighted I chose Peter was a pleasure to work with and his cover was striking, sophisticated and perfectly captured the mood of the book. I am thrilled with how good it looks at both paperback and thumbnail size. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to give their book the best possible chance of succeeding in the marketplace.”

    Katherine Edgar (@KatharineEdgar), Author of ‘Five Wounds’ – United Kingdom

    Patti Dickinson

    “He lived up to his promise to make changes “until you’re happy,” and indeed he did make me happy”
    Working with Peter was a wonderful experience! Communication between us (California and the UK) was no problem. I had an image in mind for the cover which he captured to a “T!” And when I wanted to change the text on the back cover, he “stuck with me with infinite patience and understanding.” Peter is a consummate professional and I feel fortunate (actually blessed) to have found Bespoke Book Covers.”

    Patti Dickinson, Author of ‘The Fifth Season’, Member of The Author’s Guild – United States

    Susan Ferrin

    “I am truly delighted with your professionalism, prompt replies, and how personable you are”
    Thank you Peter for your amazing creativity. The book cover for Transition to Eden, turned out far better than I could have hoped for. You are most certainly my go-to cover designer, and will be from here on out. Thanks again for everything!”

    Susan Ferrin (@Twi_Ferrin), Author of ‘Transition to Eden’ – United States

    Bea Beaumont

    “You definitely created a work of art which appealed to everyone”
    Thank you very much Peter, for my lovely book cover……you got compliments from all of my proof-readers as well, so you definitely created a work of art which appealed to everyone! I will certainly recommend you and if I manage to write book number three, I will be back! Smiles!”

    Bee (Bearnairdine) Beaumont, Author of ‘The Air I Breathe’ – Switzerland

    Hari Patience

    “Wholeheartedly recommended”
    I heartily recommend Peter and Bespoke Book Covers for cover designs. I thought the design he came up with for my urban fantasy novel was brilliant. Both the electronic and printed versions of it worked really well – I’ve been told my self-published printed books looked even better than some “proper” ones, which was is certainly an odd compliment. Peter was easy to work with, quick to answer emails and full of great ideas.”

    Hari Patience (@Hari_P), Author of ‘Lightfingers’ – United Kingdom

    Leah Severson

    “What an awesome experience! Peter was polite and prompt, a pleasure to work with”
    I loved his design of my cover. He was patient with me as we went back and forth with tweaks and changes.
    I would definitely recommend him for any book design project!””

    Leah Severson (@pictureleah), Author of ‘Bulletproof’ – Indianapolis, United States

    Luanne Tierney

    “Very professional, incredibly responsive, a sheer delight to work with”
    This is Luanne Tierney and I just wanted to leave an incredible thank you to Peter for designing our book Savvy! He was a sheer delight to work with, a real pleasure. It was my first book and I have to say Peter exceeded my expectations of our book design. I highly recommend Peter to design your book and he is a real pleasure to work with, Thank you”

    Luanne Tierney (@LDTierney), Author of ‘Savvy – The Young Woman’s Guide to Career Success’ – United



    “Their constant communication and professional services were an absolute home-run”
    As an author every step you take in the self-publishing business has to be very strategic. I am a perfectionist and I did extensive research on who I would chose to take over the duty of designing my cover for my novel ‘Undaunted. Just as their testimonials stated Peter and Caroline live up to their guarantee and even surpassed it. I recommend them to any and every author. This is first of many projects I plan to do with them and I could not be more pleased.”

    Zach Zoepp, author of ‘Undaunted’ – United States


    “The personal response to my questions, made this experience stand out for me”
    I just want to thank Peter for all the hard work he put into my cover. When my next book is ready I’m coming right back to Peter. If you’re thinking about getting a cover designed, you won’t find a better place to do it.”

    Bradford Bates, Author of ‘Ascendancy – The Arena’ – United States


    “I can’t say enough good things, and the turn-around time was amazing”
    I originally designed a cover of my own, but somebody told me to try a professional. So I sought out a professional. I have got to say it really amazed me the difference as soon as I saw it I fell in love, and I was like yes everybody is going to love looking at this, this so visually appealing.”

    David Mathena (@archangelmdn), Author of ‘Self Protection – The Art of Preventative Self-Defense’ – United States


    “He was able to take a very brief conversation we had and turn it into a book cover that I really couldn’t have imagined”
    When I began working with Peter he immediately asked all the right questions about my book and quickly developed a sense of the emotions and the environment that I was trying to convey to the reader. It’s clear that he has a tremendous amount of experience and I really look forward to working with him in the future.”

    Chris dos Santos, Author of ‘A Turn for the Worse’ – United States


    “He is so patient and works really fast accomplishing my wishes”
    I am so grateful that I found Peter when I was looking for a professional book cover designer. He has helped me above and beyond my expectations, and nailed the cover immediately. If I ever write another book, Peter is my first choice!”

    Julianna G. George, Author of ‘Muzungo Man’ – Norway


    “I knew it was going to be good when I looked at your work on your website but I had no idea it was going to be this good”
    I cannot express how happy I was with the book cover you designed. You took it exactly as I had thought of it in my head and out it on paper. I am floored. I am ecstatic with how it came out. Thank you so much.”

    Luca Melidoni, Author of ‘From the Shadows’ – United States


    “I know that having a professional-looking book cover is the big reason why my book has been successful”
    It’s always a little scary trying to find someone to do work over the internet. When I reached out to Peter and he started working for me, he designed a cover for, he did excellent professional work. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again Peter”

    Monte French, author of ‘Mischief, Mayhem, The Blue Men of Minch’ – United States


    “I especially want to thank you for your quick responses to my questions”
    Hi Peter and Caroline this is Jean Lanham, I want to thank you for designing my cover and I especially want to thank you for your quick responses to my questions, it saved me so much time and I could proceed with my work. Thank you, thank you thank you”

    Jean Mitchell-Lanham – Author of ‘The Lore of the Camino de Santiago’ – United States


    “Thank you for your patience and understanding”
    Because of my naiveness as a first-time publisher, I gave you a hard time. However we got it right in the end and I am delighted with the finished product. I’m working on my second novel and will have no hesitation in approaching you to design the cover.”

    Tom Ryan, Author of ‘Doyle: Code Name Ardree’ – United Kingdom
    “Working with Peter has been a wonderful experience”
    Peter took the time to discuss my ideas and concerns on the phone, and was very accommodating in making any changes to the initial design until I was completely satisfied. He is a professional who sincerely cares for his clients. I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for quality work from a qualified designer, who has the best in mind for his clients.”

    K.P. Gazelle, Author of ‘The Color of Happiness’ – United States
    “He was willing to go back and forth with me as I requested minor adjustments”
    I love the cover Peter came up for my book. I really had no idea how to best portray the book’s themes, yet Peter came up with the perfect artwork. In the end, I love it and my readers love it. Well done. I would recommend Peter’s services to anyone who wants a book cover they will truly love.”

    Geoff Rasmussen, Author of ‘Kindred Voices’ – United States
    “I am extremely pleased with Peter’s services and highly recommend Bespoke to other authors”
    Peter created a superb cover for my book, incorporating all the elements I requested to portray the central theme of my manuscript. He was responsive to my desires to design a cover that is simple in terms central content, yet bold enough to capture the reader’s interest. His turnaround of my requested edits was very timely and he added his own refinements to make the changes even more appealing.”

    Rex Gooch, Author of ‘Ace’ – United States
    “The service as a whole was prompt and thorough, and any requested modifications were made without fuss”
    I was somewhat hesitant about approaching a cover designer, as I was working within a limited budget and my needs required something unconventional. Shortly after I contacted the website, however, Peter put me at ease by asking me a few straight-forward questions about my story, and he made sure he had a good idea about the kind of artwork that appealed to me. A few weeks later, he produced an image that was compelling and attractive, capturing the dark mystery and grandeur of my novel. I was particularly impressed with some of the subtle tricks of light he utilised, demanding the viewer to take a closer look. Peter was always professional and courteous, and he stands by his reputation of responding to every email personally. I would highly recommend him.”

    Arthur Kalan, Author of ‘Legacy of the Lost’ – United Kingdom
    “A publisher saw your cover and was interested enough to contact me and after their review wanted to publish my book”
    However an agent also saw your cover and got copies of both my books and wants to promote my book on a national scale and Hollywood. I’m going to decline the publishers offer and see where the agent can take me. So you see your cover has helped me incredibly.”

    David Solar, Author of ‘The Next Leap’ – United States
    “He was able to get inside my imagination and see the images in there and pluck them out, so spooky!”
    It’s true that readers DO judge books by their covers and Peter’s designs mean my stories had their best possible chance in the marketplace. Peter is so talented, accomplished and most of all, reliable. He did two covers for my YA series, THE DECISION – “Lizzie’s Story” and “Jasmine’s Story” and both were exquisite. Thanks Bespoke Book Covers, you rock!”

    Lucy Hay (@Bang2write), Author of ‘Jasmine’s Story’ – United Kingdom
    “He helped me sort through my poor ideas, and he took the time to educate me in good cover design”
    Peter’s designs are well-thought-out, but his candor is what I most appreciated most.A pleasant and enlightening process!”

    – Carey Richard, Author of ‘The Poppy Field Diary’ – United States
    “It has been a pleasure working with Peter”
    I am delighted with the book cover and will certainly use Peter again for my next book, I would recommend bespoke book covers to all prospective clients”

    Chris Ward, Author of ‘Bermondsey Trifle’ – United Kingdom
    “I was thrilled to receive an end product that reflected my story so perfectly, in such a timely and courteous manner”
    I was very impressed with his work on a professional and creative level. The ease and speed with which the cover was created was matched only by the quality and cost! I already have several other projects lined up and I look forward to working with Peter in the future.”

    – Christopher Daniel Barnes, Author of ‘The Warrior’ – United Kingdom
    “Peter seemed to ‘get’ the essence of my project straightaway”
    He was able to accurately produce the cover that I wanted, even though I wasn’t too exact in my descriptions or brief. I’m delighted with the finished result, and would highly recommend.”

    D A Latham, Author of ‘The Taming of the Oligarch’ – United Kingdom
    “He is a gifted artisan and capable craftsman”
    I provided Peter with a very general concept of how I imagined my cover to look. He utilized my basic idea and created a fabulous design that exceeded my expectations. I have received nothing but positive comments since introducing it.”

    Edward Keebler, Author of ‘Sing Me The Anger’ – United States
    “Peter stands by his promise of unlimited changes, which is the one key ingredient I believe sets him apart from other designers”
    There are no hidden fees or surprises when working with Peter. And that creates a valuable trusting environment which I believe all authors are seeking to find. Peter is a pleasure to work with. He handles things in a professional manner with a great eye for detail. He’s very knowledgeable regarding book cover design and the design process. This enables him to create wonderful design concepts, which I enjoyed. Peter definitely gets high recommendation from me.”

    Demetria Foster Gray, Author of ‘Sifting Through Mud’ – United States

    “Peter is quite personable and makes you feel at ease immediately. He treats you like a friend, not some faceless customer’
    Working with Peter was a dream. He doesn’t leave you hanging, either. He gets back to you promptly when you have a question and he delivers the cover when he says he will. When I decided to hire someone professional to create the book cover for my novel, I did my homework and a lot of looking around. When I found Peter’s website, I knew from having examined both prices and terms from many sites, that I had found the site with the best deal by far. The price and his offer to make as many changes as I wished for the same flat fee is just one attractive element to Peter’s services. The most important element is the quality of his work. I only had to look at a few of the covers he had done for other authors to know that he has the skills to produce an eye-catching, professional cover. I was sold. By giving him the title of my book, a synopsis, links to some book covers I liked, and some ideas of my own I had kicked around, he came up with a design that I LOVED the FIRST time. All it needed was a couple of tweaks to make it perfect. It’s like he can read your mind, only better because he comes up with a design that’s better than you could come up with yourself! I’m so excited about my book cover because I know people do judge a book by its cover and mine will be judged positively because of Peter’s artistry and skill. I will use him again if I write another book. Hands down, he’s the guy to design your book cover!”

    Lorna Lee, author of ‘Never Turn Back’ – United States
    “What impressed me about Peter is his prompt response to emails, his professionalism and devotion to excellence”
    Peter is an inspired book cover designer, his magical touch gave to my book a voice. It imagination had created a sweet and tender connection between the cover, the title, and its content.”

    Guy Mvogo – Author of Lovely Mind’-United States
    “I can’t say enough what a pleasure it was working with Peter. He truly captured my vision on the first attempt. My cover is a captivating work of art that perfectly reflects my book’s tone while staying true to its genre. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Peter.”

    Amanda J. Clay, Author of “Rebel Song’ – United States
    “Thank you, Peter, for providing a prompt, reliable, supportive (I felt like you were on my team!) and professional experience”
    Couple that with your lightning speed turn-around time and your can-do attitude and you are the BEST!
    It has been a true pleasure working with you.”

    Debbie Fay – Author of ‘Nail It’ – United States
    “I found Peter ready to reply to all my emails, and very helpful and interested in what I wanted”
    I have nothing but praise for Peter, who not only designed an excellent cover but (metaphorically speaking) held my hand every step of the way through getting the book formatted for Createspace. No questions was too small or too stupid for him, and every email got a swift reply. Thank you so much.”

    Pamela Godden – Author of ‘The Corpse in the Waiting Room’ – United Kingdom