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What Our Clients Think: In Their Own Words

chris guillory pic“I approached Peter some time ago regarding my book cover design and right off the bat he was extremely responsive, he really helped me out. He took some sort of vague ideas I had for my cover and made them into something I am completely happy with. He gets back to you in no more than 24 hours. If you are looking to design a book cover I would highly recommend Peter and nobody else.”

Chris Guillory, Author of ‘The Soldier’s Sympathy’ – United States

angela hoke pic“Peter did a great job designing my book cover. It really captured the essence of the story and it was beautiful. I am so pleased with it and I will definitely use Peter again on my next book. Thanks Peter”

Angela Hoke, Author of ‘The Whisper of Smoke’ – United States

Pippa2“Peter was a great guy to work with. As a new author I really appreciated his advice and expertise. He was patient and friendly throughout the whole process. I’ve had two book covers designed and won’t hesitate in choosing him again. Really great guy, professional service and excellent results. What more can I say really. Thanks Peter.”

Pippa DaCosta (@PippaDaCosta), Author of ‘Hunted’ – United Kingdom

Randal“Working with Peter was easy and he communicates very clearly. His book designs are fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great cover design and I will use him for my future book covers as well”

Randall Simmonds, Author of ‘Tristan The Wand Maker’ – United States

steve shear pic“My name is Steve Shear. I hired Peter to design the cover and I recommend him highly. The cover turned out beautiful. In fact I sent it to a number of other people including the person who wrote the screenplay. The cover makes you want to read the book again. I can recommend Peter and his design work 100%. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering using him.”

Steve Shear, Author of ‘The Trials of Adrian Wheeler’ – United States

Amy cook“I think it is often mistaken that writing the book is the hardest part of the process, but I personally found that all the technicalities that follow the completion of your book that were the most difficult to traverse. I just spent the last year pouring my heart and soul into the manuscript. Peter is amazing, he works absolute magic. When I first came to the site I saw all the reviews and many of them boasted over the fact that Peter was able to get their designs exactly as they envisioned it first time. I have to say my entire experience blew all my expectations out of the water. His price is exceptional and I found him to be kind, patient and highly professional.”

Amy Cook – United States

“There were no hidden charges. Getting Peter to create my cover was
probably the best thing I did. I removed any worries that I had”
Brendan O’Conor, Author of ‘The Forest God’ – Japan

“I would recommend Bespoke Book Covers to any independent author looking for a slick professional product. Peter got back to emails in a quick, timely fashion and was very respecting dealing with the whims of a first time author. I am very pleased with the cover”
R.P. Lester, Author of ‘The Life and Times of Innis E. Coxman’ – United States