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I always wanted to be a writer,
I think it’s in my bones!

Author Q&A with Natalie Debrabandere

Natalie Debrabandere is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. We first worked with her on a cover for her book ‘Switch On!’, a non-fiction book about NLP. Then we were thrilled to help her update her covers for two of her novels, ‘Strong’ and ‘Unbroken’.

natalie debrabandere2

We talked to Natalie about her writing career, and found out about her preference for background noise when she works, that she likes to acts out the scenes from her book when editing, and how one day, she might just travel into space.

Here’s how it all started for Natalie at 11 years old with her sister, her dad and a hand-made newspaper…

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One Thing I’ve Learned Is That I Am A Writer!

Author Q&A with Andy Bailey

Andy Bailey challenged us to create a cover design for the first book in his ‘Martin Dash’ trilogy.

It’s a tale of twists and turns; a hybrid novel, part thriller, part mystery, and part romance. Throw in some satire, and you have quite a mix for creating a book cover that Andy wished to have starkness as well.

Andy Bailey postAndy’s cover evolved, and along the way we had the pleasure of working with a fantastic writer who likes to challenge convention.

Andy was kind enough to answer a few questions so we could delve into what makes him tick. He told us how he’s come to feel he was born to write, that at the tender age of 52 he’s not sure there’s much left to learn about himself, and much more…

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Motivated by a Moment in Time

Author Q&A with Peter Dudgeon

At Bespoke, we work with lots of amazing self-published authors. Have you ever wondered what inspires other authors like you to dedicate their time and energy to writing great fiction?

Peter Dudgeon is a part-time consultant, part-time writer, and full-time Stephen King fan. He has just published ‘Chance’, and has his next novel waiting in the wings. He talked to us about stopping writing fiction as a teenager, how his father’s death years later motivated him to start again, and how he often writes with his eyes closed…

peter dudgeon
Q. Peter, tell us about how you got into writing

As a teenager I had a ferocious reading appetite, devouring mainly Stephen King books; loving them. I dreamt of being able to write that well, of having an imagination strong enough to grip readers. So I wrote short stories, some weird, some ghoulish.

I recall writing a story about a man trapped in a disused amusement park with a homicidal maniac. I remember clearly a scene where the protagonist managed to get to his car. He had only a few moments before the maniac was upon him. His hands shook as he ‘fought the key into the lock.’ I remember the line clearly because I nervously shared my work, looking for feedback and was told that, “you don’t fight a key into a lock.”

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