Brilliant. Very patient, very responsive,
quick turnaround. Their service is outstanding…

How long have you been writing?

I started writing five years ago. Small Fish Big Fish is my debut novel. Two others are on the
drawing board, and I have self-published a book of short stories on Amazon.

What got you started writing?

I was looking for a creative outlet. I tried lead lighting and painting, and enjoyed both, but I had
been an avid reader all my life and wanted to see if I could write at least one book for my
children and grandchildren.

What was your experience regarding creating a cover. Did you try to make one yourself?

Had a go, but quickly realised I didn’t have the skill set to create something beautiful.

How did you find Peter?

Through the internet. I searched a lot of web sites to find the right one for me.

Did you have any fears or reservations when searching for a designer?

Well, yes. This was my first book. It was important I found the right partner – one who could
appreciate my beginner status and work with me patiently.

What attracted you to BespokeBookCovers?

First the gallery of Peter’s superb work and the references on the website. Then the promise to
make as many alterations as required at no extra cost.

What was the process like working with them?

Brilliant. Very patient, very responsive, quick turnaround, prepared to change direction instantly,
if I felt things weren’t quite right. I always felt as though Peter cared about his work

How did you feel about the result?

The covers he produced for me (paperback and hard cover) are superb. I love them.
They speak to what the book is about. They are intriguing.

What difference has the new cover design made to your success?

Too early to tell yet, but the feedback from family, friends and colleagues has been very positive.

Any other comments about the service you received?

I have no hesitation in recommending to any author who wants a
great outcome for his/her book cover. Their service is outstanding.