I liked his personal service and
attitude of patience. My editor said
this is an award winning cover…


Tell us a little about yourself

First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur. I’ve been a business woman for over thirty years, building and guiding businesses mostly in the IT and Data Processing world, leveraging technology to create success. Having sold my business a few years ago, I have embarked on writing a memoir.

How long have you been writing?

It took me three years to complete my memoir. Prior to that I had no experience in writing, aside from detailed, illustrious business proposals.

What got you started writing?

For more than thirty years, almost everyone I met told me to “write my story”. My husband’s daughter insisted and that was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

What was your experience or frustrations regarding creating a cover?
Did you try to make one yourself?

I gave the task of creating a cover to Peter from BespokeBookCovers. I gave Peter an idea of what I wanted on the cover and he was more than patient with me. He redid the design five or six times, until I was satisfied. My editor said “this is an award winning cover”. I never attempted to do the cover myself.

How did you find Peter?

In order to find Peter, I searched the internet. I saw absolutely beautiful covers that he displayed online. I liked his personal service and attitude of patience.

What fears or reservations did you have when searching for a designer?

My fears were not being able to find someone to work with. I thought I could not find someone who used their imagination to put my thoughts into a book cover (a cover to stand out over all other memoirs).

What attracted you to BespokeBookCovers?

Gorgeous book cover samples.

What was the process like working with them?

Peter is more than patient. He is gentle and understanding and wants to get it right. He wants his customers to be happy.

How did you feel about the result?

Peter did a great job. My editor said that my cover “was an award winning book cover”

What difference has the new cover design made to your success?

I am yet to see. However, upon sending the sample to 50 friends, they were all intrigued and anxious to read my memoir.