7 Simple Ways To Market Your New Book

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Let’s say you don’t have an agent…plus…you want to self-publish but don’t have lots of money to spend on advertising.And let’s say you don’t have all day to be on social media, but you want to get the word out and sell more books.Can it be done?Absolutely! And here’s why…

How much easier would marketing your book be with an endless stream of proven book-marketing ideas… right at your fingertips?Start by imagining the following:

• Imagine short-cutting your way to increasing book sales…without worrying about the technical…• Imagine instantly…• Imagine holding the road maps for selling more books from what to tweet and when… to how to use Facebook to maximize exposure… and everything in between.• Imagine eliminating the roadblocks that plague even the best authors when it comes to promoting your book.• Imagine doubling… or tripling the number of readers to your blog… with the power of proven, yet simple marketing techniques.• Imagine having a vast resource that gets the word out… boosts exposure… makes agents take notice… and keeps your book selling.

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Overflowing With Inspiration and Tips to Help Your Books Stand Out and Sell More

Inside you’ll find actionable ideas, inspirational advice, and hundreds of easy-to-impliment tips on making it happen and links to amazing authors from around the world who will show you that there are so many ways to get the word out about your book.

And guess what. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to promote your book. The ideas in the New Product Name will work for every author, and any extra things we suggest are generally cheap or free.

You know what the absolute most exciting part of this is? If you go through the New Product Name, and try out a ton of ideas, you are certain to sell more books. How’s that? Well, you’ll be trying different things, exercising new creative muscles, and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. And that is precisely the place where growth and learning happen. But this way it’s exciting, entertaining, and feels a lot more like playing than practicing! Woo!

So you wanna hear one of the ideas? Ok, since you asked so nicely!

Here’s everything you get:Inside New Product Name you’ll find a ton of fantastic ideas and tips to take your book promotion to the next level!

• Get a 75-page PDF that you can download instantly, so you can start your book promotion adventure today.• Filled with 112 exciting ideas, all in one place, to inspire you like crazy.• Beautifully designed for maximum viewing enjoyment.• Tons of examples help you see the ideas in action.• Written in easily understood language so you learn faster.• Can be viewed on any computer, and your iPad, for a super enjoyable learning experience.

And you’ll get all of that for only US$15.95!

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